Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hello. Wowwwwww. The last time I actually blogged was in high school. I used to have a xanga and if you guys read it now, most of it is filled with me complaining and ranting about my life. People are starting to create their own blogs and I think I want to join in on this. This time around, this blog will be dedicated to expressing to you guys what God is doing in my life. I've come to realize that God continues to work in all of our lives. I tend to forget the lessons that God teach me, but I hope that through this blog, I can be able to remember and share with you guys how glorious and beautiful our God is.
Now many of you guys are probably wondering, why is your blog name FlalessinHim? You mispelled flawless. Well the reason why is many ppl call me Fla. Short for Frank La. Now, what I've come to understand is that I am truly flawless in God. I'm trying really hard to grasp and live out the understanding that God loves me regardless of what I do. To Him, I am perfect, not because of anything I've accomplished or done. But because of what Christ has done, because of His obedience to His Father, and because even though He was tempted in every way, He still lived a perfect life for US! That is the reality of our salvation. There is nothing I can do to reward myself righteousness and salvation, but it was Christ has ALREADy done for us. So now I'm trying to live my life understanding that there is no amount of sin that I can commit to make God love me less, and no amount of good deeds that I can accomplish that will make God love me more. His love is perfect, his love is constant, and everlasting. It is unconditional. That is His love for us. That is why I am flawless in Him.
I hope throughout my blog writting I can continue to grow and learn and share with you guys how amazing our God is.
May you daily recognize His love for us.

By His grace alone,
Frank La