Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Summer Plans

Yay! Second Entry! Well just to share with you, this summer is actually pretty filled for me. Currently, I'm in Riverside for summer school, the worst place you could possibly be during the summer. I'm also helping out with KCM STSM training, teaching skits and body worship. It reminds me of all the good times I had last year with my Cambodia team. Well I'll only be taking one session of summer school, so it's not too bad. Our house will also be moving this year to Victoria, also known as KCM Row. Pretty excited because the house is super nice and it's cheaper than what we're paying for right now. And I'm cooking for a retreat this coming Friday, which should be cool. That's pretty much the first phase of my summer break.

The next phase will be all fun fun fun. I'll be going to Hawaii this summer with my family. I've never been so I'm pretty excited about it. Soon after that, I'll be going on a three and a half week long road trip with SteveO and David around America! We have a rough schedule down, but some of the key places we'll be stopping by are Arizona, Dallas, New Orleans, Missouri, Florida, Atlanta, Virginia, N. Carolina, Maryland, Washington D.C., Boston, New York, Chicago, Colorado, Seattle, Oregon, and possibly Toronto. That's just a rough schedule. I'm soo excited for that trip!
Here's a rough route that we'll be taking. We're also hoping to do ministry along the way, passing out bibles and praying for people. Things of that sort. I'll be blogging and tweeting along the trip!

When all is done, I'll be starting my journey as president for UCR KCM. Please pray for me. Updates to come soon later!